Zinful Sangria
Zinful Sangria
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Zinful Sangria

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NO SALES UNDER 21. This product contains 2.5% ABV.

Zinful Sangria is a wine connoisseur’s dream. We artfully crafted this preserve to accommodate the dark fruit and smokey flavors of the high-quality wine that is incorporated in this bold tasting concoction. 

What is the flavor profile? Bright cherry, cranberry, and raisiny fig palate with a smokey pepper finish. So we chose the best fruits to accompany the notes of the wine that are at the peak of their harvest season. Tart and juicy cranberries are partnered with beautifully sweet mission fig to create a mind-blowing flavor profile that is nothing less than zinful.

How to use this product? Zinful Sangria can be used not only as a great spread but is great added to any appetizer to give a pop of flavor and flare. It can also be used in baking and sauces for meat like pork chops as well! Not to mention it would be a great treat to use Zinful Sangria as your thanksgiving cranberry sauce to give that delicious turkey the appreciation that it deserves.

Net Wt - 10.5 oz

Calories - 25/ Serving(1 oz)