Chocolate Mendiants
Chocolate Mendiants
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Chocolate Mendiants

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Our Mendiants are discs of Belgium chocolatey perfection. Topped with dried fruit and nuts, they are best nibbled on while drinking a glass of your favorite vino. The chocolate, nuts, and dry fruit combination will enhance the flavor of the wine and give a totally different flavor profile and experience. They are also great with dark beers as well…

Rose Pistachio has rose petals, pistachio, cherry, and strawberry. Pairs best with any White, Rosé, or Champagne wine.

Hazelnut Milk Chocolate has golden raisins, currants, and hazel nuts. Pairs best with lighter reds like Pinot Noir or a bold milk stout Beer.

Tropical Dark Chocolate has pineapple, coconut, and walnuts. Pairs well with bold Cabernets, Malbecs, and even a nice glass of Guinness.


*6 pieces of Mendiants per order