Our Story

Chefs Boozy Bites is a company that caters to food and drink lovers. We strive to provide the best taste palette experience by enhancing your food and drinking adventures. Choosing the highest quality of ingredients and top-notch spirits, we have concocted some bites that will buzz. We considered our customer needs to develop our products. We are thrilled to include everyone in our adventure to modernizing an old favorite with a kick!

Being a chef and gastronome, I enjoy the idea of flavors of booze-infused food but always wondered why I never felt the effects of different products I tried in the market. I am sure, I'm not the only one who has thought the same thing, right? So, that's what we have done. It has taken us 2 years of research, development and testing to be able to produce products with FDA approved processes. With our cooking techniques, we were able to capture the flavors of the spirits and the feeling of taking the first sip of your favorite cocktail! 

We have taken our cocktail preserves to the next level by incorporating them as flavor-enhancing agents in drinks. Just one or two spoons of CBB's cocktail preserves blended with only a few ingredients and some more liquor of your choice, of course, and you have got yourself a bar-style cocktail at the comfort of your own home quick 'n easy. As a chef, coming home and winding down after a long day is just what the doctor ordered. Being able to make one in a matter of a few minutes is a life changer! I am happy to share this with anyone and everyone who feels the same way as I do.

After your first experience with our products, we hope that you become passionate about them as much as we have. Remember, always eat and drink responsibly. Most importantly, stay boozy friends!